Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Dream Comes True

On Tuesday, September 11th 2007, I blogged about "Taize worship” experience I had in my college. I wrote that I was hoping to do my field education in Taize and was looking for sponsors. You can read my posting here. Guess what? I just came back from Taize two weeks ago! I did stay in Taize community for one month and do my field education there. It was a really wonderful experience! I had rich spiritual experiences. I will blog about this next time. Meeting new friends from different parts of the world was also a very invaluable experience. It was incredible to see how I was able to be close to two Europeans and one Filipino only within a short time! Even one of my French friends invited me and my other Asian friends to stay in her flat when we visited Paris. And we did go to Paris for two nights staying in her flat, enjoying good French dishes and wine, and having a French cooking lesson. :) I also enjoyed and learned from the Taize brothers’ hospitality and sincere care. Their lives were really inspiring! In short, my Taize trip was really an unforgettable experience! So, I would like to dedicate this posting to those whom God had used to make my Taize trip did come true. Million thanks to my dear lecturers and friends who are very supportive: AP (PhD Cand.), Rev.Dr.SEW, and Dr.LSH. I also thank God for some people, who went to Taize before, who joyfully sponsor me to go to Taize. You all are God’s angels!

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