Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Am Just Wondering

The title of this song is: Allah Peduli (God Cares).
Here is the free translation of the lyric.

There are many things which I cannot understand
Why such things must happen in this life
One thing I keep in my heart:
God always cares whatever may happen

God understands
God cares about all problems we are facing
He will never leave us struggling alone
Because God understands

I often sing this song whenever I feel down. And I've just sung it before I decided to blog. But, something was different today. I sang it with my mouth while my heart was rejecting what came out from my mouth. My heart shouted: Does God really care? Does God really understand what I am facing now? If God does, why does he keep silent??? I can add many more 'why' questions if I want to. I am just wondering: why???

Lord, grant me faith so that I'm able to sing this song from my heart...